How To Access Internet From LG TV Using Smart TV? Display pages from the TV

Thought I already wrote about connecting the TV to the world wide web. But about how to go to the Internet from an LG TV that has the Smart TV function, I will write. Perhaps someone else this article seems too simple and not necessary. But I am sure it will be useful to many.

Virtually all TVs that can connect to the Internet and have the Smart TV function, you can visit websites, visit social networks, read Twitter etc. Yes, yes, you can even log in from the TV while lying on the couch. Here they are – technology
SSD, Smart TV set-top boxes, video game cards, PC processors, multifunction devices, antiviruses, routers, Wi-Fi amplifiers, smartphones up to 10,000 rubles

To get this I will write on the example of LG TV (LG 32LN575U model, but it’s not important).

A few words about the browser

LG TV’s built-in viewer is pretty decent. He even knows how to play Flash. But it’s there to play banners, nothing else. A video will be launched on some page or a game on a social network. Most likely, however, you will get the error “Not enough memory” or something like that after a while.

Navigation, functionality, browser speed are, as I wrote, at a decent level. As for the TV.

How to manage Internet surfing from TV?

You can control with the included remote control. But it’s not very convenient. Then I remembered surfing the Internet from a regular cell phone that has buttons (oh, nostalgia 🙂). Control the TV browser with the remote is almost the same.

Best of all, of course, is to connect a keyboard and mouse to the TV. Better yet, a wireless keyboard and mouse. Such management will be the most convenient. If you don’t have these devices, you can use your phone or tablet to control the browser on your TV. Which works on Andriod or iOS.

To do this, you need to install the LG TV Remote application, about the setting I described in detail in a separate article: “Controlling a LG TV with a smartphone (iOS or Android). Setting up the LG TV remote”.

Also, you can buy LG LG Remote. From which to manage viewing pages, it will be very convenient. At least I think so 🙂. The last two methods are only suitable for LG TVs.

Connecting the TV to the Internet

It is clear that in order to view pages via Smart TV, the TV itself must be connected to the Internet. It is possible with a cable, and it is possible via Wi-Fi, if there is such a possibility. Read more about the connection, I wrote in separate articles:

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  • We connect the TV to the Internet using a network cable (LAN)

If the connection is good, you can proceed to launching the browser and visiting websites.

We visit sites from LG TV (Smart TV)

To start, go to Smart TV (by pressing the special blue button on the remote control). Then, at the bottom, select and launch the browser “Internet“.

Please note that on the Smart TV home page, the icon displaying the Internet connection status should be green. This means the internet is working, and you can continue.

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After launching the browser, you can immediately click on the address bar and use your keyboard to type in the address of the website you want to visit. Or set a search query. To confirm that you have taken to the address, click Go on the virtual keyboard or using the cursor, select one of the options displayed below.

This will open a website or search results for you to view, click links, and so on. Everything is like on a computer.

Mini TV“. You can browse websites and watch TV at the same time. If this window bothers you, you can close it. Place the cursor over it and click the cross that appears. To return” Mini TV “, click the TV button on the top control panel.

You can open multiple tabs at the same time. Click on the green cross to open another tab. By default, this tab opens a panel that displays thumbnails of the pages of the most visited sites. A little higher (below the address bar) a tabbed panel is displayed.

After opening the site and adding it to your bookmarks, simply click on the appropriate button which I showed in the screenshot below.

To open browser settings, history, bookmark manager and help, click the appropriate button and select the desired item. You can also enable full-screen browsing, browser zooming and closing.

In the settings, you can choose the start page, the default search engine, enable the permanent display of the bookmarks bar, disable Flash, etc.

I think it’s even better on your own. Yes, and there are no complicated settings. Everything you need to navigate through the pages is at hand.

I just want to advise you. I have already seen articles on the Internet several times that a vulnerability has been discovered in Smart TV, albeit on Samsung TVs. Data entered into the TV set can reach the attackers. Now I have entered passwords for various sites and worse, invoice details.

Hopefully this vulnerability has now been fixed. But do not forget that Smart TV on any TV is a new and still slightly raw technology. So, while it’s better not to pay for various services through your TV, and not to provide your billing information. It is better to use a computer for this.

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