What kind of Internet connects to the TV with Smart TV and what router to buy?

In this article I will try to answer two questions that will most likely arise when you want to connect the TV to the Internet, and when you have the same Internet has not yet been paused. Let us find out which Internet to connect to Smart TV if you do not plan to install a router, and which router is suitable for the TV, if all that you are going to install.

If you plan to connect the Internet only to Smart TV, I advise you to buy and install a router. Even if you only intend to use the Internet on the TV. You have everything just in time for other devices to appear that you want to connect to the Internet, including via Wi-Fi. Yes, you can connect the TV via a wireless network (if it is possible). So you have to pull the cable.
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You have decided to connect your TV to the Internet. If you already have an Internet connection and a router, you can connect via a network cable or wirelessly (if you have Wi-Fi on your TV).

If you only have a cable and no router then you can either buy and configure the router and connect through that already, or connect the cable from your provider directly to your TV. In the network connector, which exactly should be, if there is a smart TV function. But with a direct connection, the internet cannot earn. I wrote about it in the article “Why does the Internet not work on the TV after connecting with a network cable (without a router)?”.

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We connect the Internet to Smart TV

As you already understood, after connecting the cable from the Internet provider directly to the TV, the Internet may not work. Therefore, if you do not plan to install a router, you need to choose a provider that provides the Internet with the help of technology Dynamic IP addressand preferably not MAC address binding (if the provider uses PPPoE, L2TP etc., you will not configure such a connection on the TV). Otherwise, there may be problems with setting up the Internet connection on the TV. I wrote about these problems in the article, link to which I provided above.

But installing a router should fix these issues. This is an option.

If you plan to install the router immediately, then you should not choose the provider according to the connection technology. Better pay attention to reviews, prices and other more important parameters.

I think we have dealt with it.

Which router is right for the TV?

Honestly, a stupid question. You do not need to choose special network equipment for the TV. The task of each router is to distribute the Internet via cable and via Wi-Fi. And the TV is absolutely everything a router connects to.

The only thing is, if you are going to watch online video on your Smart TV, don’t buy the cheapest router. Take something from the mid-price range and above. This is about 2,000 rubles (600 UAH).

Here are the tips. Hope I was able to answer the questions.

As always, you can leave your questions in the comments.

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