How to install Telegram in Ubuntu

Telegram miraculously combines popularity, security, and convenience, so knowing how to install Telegram in Ubuntu of different versions will be completely unnecessary.

Moreover, in most cases it is done very simply. But there may be some subtleties.

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Installing Telegram via the Application Center

The easiest way to install software on your Ubuntu system is through the regular Application Center. Find Telegram there by simply navigating through categories will not work. You need to use a text search by clicking on the appropriate icon.

The app center offers as many as 3 ways to enter a telegram into your system:

  • installation from official repositories;
  • installation from fast repository;
  • installation as part of the Ubuntu Social Media Kit.

Installing telegrams from official repositories

To do this, scroll down the list. The version from the official repositories is easy to recognize by the presence of the star rating program.

Installing Telegram is as simple as installing any other program from the repositories – click its icon and then click the “Install” button. Of course, you need to enter the root password.

But it is also the most inappropriate solution for a home computer. The fact is, there is an outdated version of Telegram in the official Ubuntu repositories. And this is the program that is best used in its most recent form. So – the second way.

Install telegram from snap-repository

Going back to the search screen, you need to find the same “Telegram Desktop” item, but not rated.

And then everything happens as usual: the “Install” button, the administrator password, waits for the installation to complete. The latest stable version of the Desktop Client Telegram will now be available.

Installing the Ubuntu Social Media Kit

A universal application that connects popular instant messengers and social networks:

  • Facebook;
  • Whatsapp
  • Telegram;
  • Gmail
  • VKontakte;
  • Twitter.

It can also be found in the App Center and installed from the snap repository.

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Unfortunately, to be able to use this program you have to pay $ 5 to the developer, without it all modules are blocked.

Installing telegrams via PPA

The above methods are suitable for Ubuntu 17.10, but previous releases may not include Telegram in the repositories and the snap-ins may not be available there. In those cases, you can install Telegrams the old way – using user repositories or PPAs.

To do this, enter the following command:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa: atareao / telegram

There is always the latest version of the messenger in this PPA for both 32 and 64 bit architectures. To proceed with the installation, you must first update the metadata cache with the command:

sudo apt update

Well, finally order:

sudo apt telegram instalacyjny

The messenger launch icon installed in this way may appear on the dashboard as usual.

Using Telegram via AppImage

More recently, AppImage has become widely used in Linux, the direct analog of portable programs on Windows – that is, applications that do not need to be installed start immediately when clicked. There is no separate AppImage telegram, but there is a wonderful “hodgepodge” of various messengers – the Franz program.

Download AppImage from the official project website:

To run an application by clicking the mouse, you must first allow the AppImage. This is done by calling the context menu (right-click on the file) and setting the tick in the “Rights” tab.

On first launch, Franz offers system integration, ie Add an icon to the dashboard. You can decline and run the application from the directory where it was downloaded. But it’s more convenient to start from the desktop like any other application.

After a simple registration procedure, you need to select the necessary services from an impressive list of instant messengers.

Of course, to log into Telegram you have to go through the standard authentication procedure by entering your phone number and code. And here it is – the messenger.

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This method is good because you can combine dozens of messengers in one program here – not only Telegram, but also WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Hangouts, and more.

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