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In this article, we take a look at the Linux Mint installation process. It is a socially developed Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. But there is also a Debian-based (LMDE) version. The main goal is to provide the user with “a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system that is both efficient and easy to use”…. Read Article →

In this article, we’ll look at the Skype installation process on Linux distributions using the following package formats: .deb, .rpm, and also through the pacman (or rather, AUR) package manager, used on Arch Linux. Skype is a free, closed-source software that provides text, voice and video communication between computers and phones over the Internet, optionally… Read Article →

I think it’s no secret to anyone that modern TVs with the Smart TV function support connections of ordinary computer mice and keyboards. To be able to manage the built-in browser, games and other applications. The process of connecting the mouse and keyboard is very simple, just plug the device into the USB connector on… Read Article →

I have already published an article on how to broadcast video, photos and music from PC to TV using DLNA technology. You can read . I decided to write the instructions for setting up DLNA between a smartphone (tablet) and a TV in a separate article. In this article SSD, Smart TV set-top boxes,… Read Article →

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